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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 20, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos of the day, "right this minute." [ bleep ] you. >> showdown in the city of brotherly love where -- >> there is no love between these bros. >> see why the baseball bat is no match for the sleeper hold. >> dude is looking for action heads for the dunes. >> all that wide open sand. >> why it's all fun and games until your chevy does a face plant. a house on a hill looking a little shaky and now -- >> that home is history. >> why three stories went to two
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in a flash. plus how to win a new ipad mini. and a son tries to prank dad. >> he's got that i'm a dad look and you should be scared of me. >> how he ends the prank this way. on the streets of south philadelphia, a security camera pointed toward what looks like a lovely neighborhood. pay close attention to this guy coming down the steps out of this building. >> [ inaudible ]. >> this guy who's flailing his arms walking down the sidewalk is yelling at this guy on his phone who's on the passenger side of that big truck that's parked on the side of the road. that guy ain't having it. he starts yelling back. doesn't hang up his car. >> i can't understand why they're fighting. they're in the city of brotherly love. >> there is no love between these bros. the screaming continues.
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the guy on the phone looks like he scared the other dude off. the dude went running. looks like he ran back inside. >> yelling at the guy in the truck. and as soon as the guy in the truck got out, he realized that's a mountain. >> it is a big dude. what they say, speak softly and carry a big stuck. he grabbed a baseball bat. >> oh! >> and he didn't waste a second. he used it. >> yesp p p. but this big guy takes down baseball guy and you hear them smash into that car. this thing ain't over. the big guy has the other dude in a chokehold. the guy struggles and tries to get away but big guy from truck gets him back, has him up against a second car. >> he asked for that. >> suddenly you see big truck guy walk away. out go the lights. >> that was kind of nice of the guy. instead of just beating him bloody, he put him to sleep.
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set him down kindly. didn't drop him like a sack of potatoes. >> he did the little guy a favor. >> really did. . here's a good deal of weekend fun. silver lake sand dunes in michigan. look at that, all that wide open sand. lots of fun to be had. here comes a dude in a chevy pick-up truck. how the song goes, like a rock. ♪ >> oh. >> yeah that's blake will cox behind the camera. their friend holding the camera a little upset. how are these guys? are they okay? >> are you all right? >> [ bleep ] yeah. >> are you okay? >> are you all right? >> we're [ bleep ]. >> i'm 100% fine. >> his head is smashed against the roof and going we're good. >> i think it's a little bit of adrenaline at that moment too. this wasn't the first time they tried to jump the truck.
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the guy in the passenger seat had successfully jumped and l d landed the truck before this. both guys walked away without any injuries. you don't see the one guy get out. here's the second guy able to scoot out. big smile on his face. >> oh. >> that's what you want. >> and lots of dude laughter. this is all just a fun day, actually. >> what do you do? do you just leave it there? now part of the silver lake sand dunes. >> the second video shows us what they did. managed to tie a tow strap up to that truck, had a big old ford down the hill. and after a couple of different attempts they do manage to right the truck. the video ends just as the vehicle is about to flop on to its wheels. but in the description they say they got it back on its wheels and were able to drive it out of there. >> i have a couple of very scary videos for you. the first one, we've seen many images out of bosnia. thousands have fled their homes in bosnia and serbia because of
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the severe flooding in those countries in the last week. this video actually captures the moment this three-story home over here starts collapsing on its sfl because if you notice below it's on a hillside that is moving. it's a landslide. >> oh, my gosh. >> gave way. >> and the home, that first floor immediately vanished in a split second. >> went from a three-story home to a two-story home like that. >> nobody was inside but there were people there that were watching this happen and that's when the video started rolling. >> was it just that one floor or did this keep moving. >> in the video we just see the first floor give. no reports on whether it completely collapsed or it stayed the way we saw it. either way that home is history. this one is going to give you the chills. especially if you remember it next time you fly. this is a flight coming into orlando that was stuck in the middle of a lightning storm.
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they're in the middle of a cell right now. >> that's some scary, scary stuff from experience. >> scary stuff. poop your pantsnducing fly out of yourou see the lightning hit really very close. when they landed the pilot actually confirmed that they had, in fact, been hit by a lightning strike at the very tip of the plane. >> you know, i know they're built to withstand that. you don't want to know until you get on the ground. >> apparently the passengers on the flight did feel a severe jolt but everybody made it to the airport okay. >> that was horrible. >> hey, everybody. the ipad mini giveaway is coming up in just a little bit. >> all you're going to need is the buzzword and a twitter account. but don't worry, it's easy to create one. >> the buzzword is coming up in a little while. you have to be at least 18 years old and a u.s. resident to enter. >> we're giving away an ipad mini in a little while. hang in with us.
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in the region of north london they're concerned about a gang of people on mopeds. this video just now being released from an attack that happened in early april. what you see here is one man against four people. they've got on their gear, helmets, so you can't see who they are. he says they took a ring off his finger, a gold chain off his neck, and look, you see that, he's got a watch on. they're going to start pulling that off of him. he says that is a $100,000 watch. that man right there has a clawed hammer in his hand. the victim says that man threatened him, but another one of the alleged robbers told his friend, don't do it. >> this is terrifying. this man is sweeping his front walk in broad daylight. >> now we have another incident of somebody on a motorcycle. you don't see him on the motorcycle because he was suspected of riding his motorcycle while intoxicated.
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according to authorities they took him to a police station. that's where this video picks up. they say he was tired of the delay happening at the police station, so he just walks out and he got in the police transport vehicle and drove away. how was he able to do that? somebody left the keys in it as you can see there. the car was eventually found. they do know who the man is. but needless to say, a couple of people are going to be in trouble because of this video. >> of course they know who he is. he was just inside the police station. this is one of the dumbest moves i've ever seen. >> it's a dumb move for the officer who left the keys in the car too. it's the howl that went viral. >> yes. >> what would be better than a dog that can howl? >> how a dog can sing. >> how his chops are taking him to doggy start-up. slowing down extreme action sports. >> it takes the nitro circuit's
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hey don't forget there's an app for "rtm." get it on your iphone, ipad or android device. >> i have an internet mystery for you guys and lots of people out there are obsessed in trying to solve it. >> what? ♪ >> that's obnoxious and annoying. why is this on the internet? >> great question. there are nearly 80,000 different versions of this type of video all on the channel web driver torso. >> some sort of alien message? >> some believe maybe it is extraterrestrial alien communication uploading their own videos to youtube. other people think maybe this is some kind of clandestine message between spies.
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>> this is aliens they're not very good. their views are low. >> some of them don't have more views because on average, hundreds of similar videos are unloaded to this youtube channel each day. >> which makes some people believe it's an automated system. maybe a company doing automated software testing. there is one video on this youtube channel that makes you think, this is a human doing this. it's a random five-second video of the eiffel tower. you kind of see a person's facebo on that computer screen >> people a figuring out who web driver torso is or what web driver torso might be. ♪ >> it's hard to make what the guys of the nitro circuit look cooler but if you add in darren's videography from beyond slow motion it takes the whole nitro circuit live show to the next level.
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♪ the guys at nitro circuit can pretty much jump anything off the ramp. the dirt bike, the bicycles. here's a tricycle, backflip it, why not. land it? absolutely. ♪ >> that's cool because you can appreciate all these amazing stunts these guys are doing when they're happening live they do by so fast. you miss things so easily. this allows you to appreciate what they're doing and really notice it. >> the live show that nitro circus put obs is o-- puts on i best out there. >> to see what these athletes are able to do in a row cliner, look at that. >> a rolling recliner. >> yes. >> that would be awesome. ♪ >> oh. that's gnarly.
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>> that's aaron wheels. he's known in the stunt industry, lands it, rolls it right out. >> they make it look so easy. even in slow motion looks completely doable. it's unbelievable. >> i'm about to introduce you to quincy, the most wonderful traveling companion. >> quincy, we are going on a road trip. >> yes! >> this pup, quincy has his own vine channel. this video popped up last week, went viral. i would love to have this dog along on a road trip. >> yes! >> this is fantastic because it's like they're broing out on a road trip. >> does quincy have a mute button? can you say shh. >> enough of the celebrating. >> i just want to know how well quincy is trained. >> take a look ato esome other videos where quincy is the main
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star. >> quincy, howl like a wolf. >> this dog has a ton of personality. >> can scratch on command. >> scratch me if you love me. >> oh. >> i'm sorry. i think this dog is adorable. >> a clever move because you know the girls like the cute little dogs. guess what he's meeting? >> girls galore. >> cute! ♪ all of you loves all of me >> he can't get enough of that. >> singing like john legend "all of me". >> i love him. >> quincy has 25,000 followers. >> i bet he's got a ton of dates for having this dog in the vine channel. >> patrick has probably got dates too. >> yes! absolutely. francis is back with a new bone to pick. >> this time francis upset with
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phil spencer. >> phil [ bleep ] spencer. new head of [ bleep ] box. >> the big change that has him full of rage. >> [ bleep ]. >> see how a seal decides to let it out. >> what was that? that sounds like a backed up -- >> if you want a chance to win an ipad mini you'll want to get tuesday's buzzword next. toto y youou...... ththey're momorere t thahana pet so protect them, with k9k9 advantix ll itit's's b broroadad s spepm protection kills fleas, ticksks a andd mosquitoes too. k9k9 a advdvanantitix l fofor r ththe e loloveve o g
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>> see how a seal decides to let e
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closed captioning provided by -- well, guys, this right here could be the shocker of the year. be ready to be surprised. >> francis is up set about something which is not a shocker. you might know francis from his youtube channel. francis upset with phil spencer. >> phil [ bleep ] spencer. the new head of [ bleep ] box. >> apparently there's been some
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changes with the xbox. >> i wish $100 on this [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> when the xbox 1 first came out, francis bought it. xbox said every xx box 1 will come with a connect. >> right. >> you had to get the connect with the xbox 1. it was a package. the latest news that has francis p.o.'ed. >> doesn't come with connect for $100 cheaper! >> oh, no. >> this is only like maybe like six months ago this thing came out. >> promised me that there would never be a [ bleep ] one without connect and six months later here's one later without [ bleep ] connect. >> needless to say, francis' enemy number one, phil spencer. not happy with him. >> [ bleep ]. worthless [ bleep ]. you sons of [ bleep ].
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♪ >> animals can make some of the most interesting noises. take otto, for instance. otto is a bull dog and otto is bigging and the sound crazy. >> great little underbite too. >> like a troll. like -- >> you know what he sounds like? >> like an old man in the bathroom is what he sounds like. he just wants a treat. >> how many times do i have to make this noise before you get i want a begin' strip. >> i think it's sweet. if anybody sounds like that in the bathroom at my house they're moving. >> we jump from otto to the seal. this one is older but trending because this might be the first sighting of an alien. >> the mouth is open. not hearing anything.
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>> what was that? that sounds like a backed up toilet. >> i believe that seal has eaten a lot of fish today. that's a fish oil burp. >> look at his nose hole. like half moons. watch. full moon. >> all right everybody. it's ipad mini giveaway time "right this minute." >> you need a twitter account to enter. don't worry, it's easy. >> enter on our website that's click on the win an ipad mini button and then enter today's buzzword. >> so let's reveal the tuesday buzzword. it's sketch. >> now get over to and click on the win an ipad mini button and enter tuesday's buzzword s-k-e- >> and don't worry if you don't win one today, we have another ipad mini giveaway tomorrow. >> don't forget to follow us on twitter. good luck, everybody.
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a prankster tries to pull one over on dad. >> very quickly the tables turn. >> the joke that goes out with a bang. >> oh. >> no.
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watch her peep over the fence after she's done. did everyone see this? >> critique is a prankster in india. this time he thought he was going to prank his own dad. >> i want to tell him that she's [ inaudible ] and see what happens. >> the tables turned on him. >> [ inaudible ]. >> this dad means business. that i'm a dad look and you should be scared. >> [ inaudible ]. >> he doesn't like her. >> [ inaudible ]. she's pregnant.
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>> oh! >> mule kick right to the gut. >> i didn't see that coming. >> neither did he. watch him. you can see he's kind of shocked. >> i'm sorry. >> dad is really, really mad. really going after him. but he then said he kept going because he loved the fact that his dad was so mad he was hitting him. finally he's like, sorry, dad, it's a prank. >> it's a prank, it's a prank. >> so mad. >> even his mustache is mad. >> even though dad realizes it is a prank, dad is going to be very mad for a few days. >> he must feel bad about that. >> he says that people have been responding very negatively because the dad reacted that way. he says his dad has never beat him. it's the first time that his dad has laid a hand on him and that's part of the reason he decided to keep egging dad on, just because he thought it made a better video.
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>> i'm sorry, papa. >> that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time.


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